J.R.A. - By Chance (You & I)

Jadi tadi tuh sebenernya tadi gue lagi browsing di youtube aja tentang video-video One Direction Video Diary, abis ngeliat video diary mereka..........................gue langsung mikir, i cant help with this addiction, i got one direction affection ;p. especially with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson haha ;p
nahnah trs kan ada recommended videos gt kalo gasalah titlenya itu "One Direction's Ex Girlfriend" ._. langsung ada heart attack gt gue-_,- yaudahdeh gue buka........................jleb..... sosweet prhh.-. tapi masalahnya bukan disitu.. tapi backsound videonya itu........ ENAK PARAH WOYYYY ANJIR ASDFGHJKLLLL Щ(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀щ) 
Itu baru pertama kali gue denger lagu-yang-gue-gatau-judulnya-tapi-enak-parah itu, &&& berharap di commentnya ada yang tau......................................EH TERNYATA EMANG ADA YANG TAU JUDUL LAGUNYA APAAN SUBHANALLAH BANGET KAN :'''') dan judulnya itu By Chance atau You and I, dinyanyiin sama J.R.A, *ini gue gatau namanya siapa.-.* langsung deh gue search keywordsnya di youtube, dan emang bener, gue langsung cengo abis-abisan. speechless. lebay yak-_-
lo semua harus denger lagu-yang-gue-baru-tau-yang-enak-parah ini, lets check this out!

Girl, you just caught my eye
thought I should give it a try
and get your name and your number
go grab some lunch and eat some cucumbers

I don't know why.
But you're smilin' and it's something' I like
on your face, yeah it suits you
Girl, we connect like we have bluetooth

I don't know why
I'm drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we'd equal two?
And this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add than subtract

You and I
could be like Sonny and Cher
honey and bears
You and I
could be like Aladdin and Jasmine
lets make it happen

La La's

How've you been?
I know that it's been awhile.
Are you tired 'cause you've been on my mind
runnin' thousand and thousands of miles
Sorry, I know that line's outta style
but you
you look so beautiful on this starry night
[ From: ]
loving the way the moonlight catches your eyes and your 
I'm captivated
your beauty is timeless never outdated

I don't know why
I'm drawn to you
Could you be the other one so we'd equal two?
and this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add than subtract

You and I 
could be like Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears 
you and i could be like Aladdin and Jasmine lets make 
it happen 

La La's 

It's been 5 years since that special day
when I asked you on our first date
I guess it's safe to say

You and I 
are better than Sonny and Cher
Honey and bears 
You and I
Are better than Aladdin and Jasmine 
We've made it happen


Let me say
You look so beautiful on our wedding day 

ASDFGHJKL, you have to know....... this stong is stuck in my head nowww!! anjir enak parah! Pokonya buat yang nyiptain lagu ini, dan buat J.R.A *gue gatau namanya-_-* thanku for making sodamn amazing music:'')


What I Want!

THIS. take a look at this post. some stuffs I want. Oh gawd, please somebody buy me all of this they're all so flawless :''>

Oh God, the mustache!!!!!!!! u,u 

I fvcking really want this! badly! 

Batmaan *swingg swinggg* 

Spongebob Squarepants~~ 




asdfghjkl, HARRY POTTER!

Cool story bro. You should tell that at parties 

Pretty Damn Sure, Somebody. buy me some of this u,U 



HAI FELLAS! Umm, sebenernya cuma mau ngasitau sesuatu tentang video stopmotion WMYB yang kemaren ituu, naah sekarang gue sama Antya ikut kuis ituu, biar dapetin FatWristband dari @Jak_Wristband yang sekarang lagi heboh-hebohnya ituuuuu *.* yang kalo ngeluarin beberapa edition, sold outnya bisa cepeeet bgt! wristbandnya limited editionn, jadi ga diproduksi lagi gtdeeh._.

NAAH SEKARANG.....................AKU MAU MINTA TOLONG KALIAN YANG BACA INI, ORANG-ORANG YANG BAIK KAN? YANG MAU NOLONG SESAMANYA KAN? :''') eaa sorry kalo gue capslock, capslock jebol-_-

cuma mau minta tolong.....
liat video stopmotion aku lagi yaa, di klik aja videonya, buat yang udah nonton, please dengan amat sangaat, videonya di klik lagiii :''') biar viewersnya nambaaah....mau kan? pleaseeee:'''') tapi gue nyeseek bgt waktu liat ada yang curaang

videonya di klik ajaa, tonton deh kalo bisa di like jugaa. Gue doain kalian keuangannya lancar teruss, yang naksir sama gebetan gebetannya langsung sukaa. AMIIIIN<333 buakakaka makasih semuaa yang udah mau nonton videonyaa:'') views dari kalian berarti banget buat akuuu:'')